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Web Development or Web Design?

Now if you want to be in the best profession that is needed so much in Arden, NC, why not try Arden’s web design or Arden’s web development professions. Before you decide which of the two, or if you want to tackle both jobs, let us first see the difference between web design and web development. These are two distinct roles in the website creation process and should not be mistaken as the same. Most people do put them both together, but really should not have, as they do involve a very different skill set for each, and there are many jobs available in Arden alone for both web design and web development separately, as well as together.


Basically, if you want the straight-up version, web design involves creating what the website should look like, its early and final look, and how it should work. In contrast, web development involves building and creating that design and bringing it to life through the use of HTML codes and making it as a functioning website as a whole.

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Asheville, NC is a place to be. Asheville is one of the most spectacular places and the most breathtaking in the state of North Carolina. It sits along the Blue Ridge Parkway in between the Pisgah and Nantahala national forests. With a population of just about 86,000, Asheville is the place to look for if you love nature. Scenic vistas are the main attraction here. The average cost of living in Asheville is slightly below the national American average, though the region’s growing population has caused housing prices to rise more particularly in Arden. Arden is the top spot for high-end villas and homes. Retirees enjoy four-season temperate weather, with many outdoor adventures that include biking, kayaking, hiking, and yes even golf. The greens in this place are amazing. For those that want to know what is thriving in the job space in Arden, most jobs here are in the medical profession and education fields. There is high demand as well for the service industry.

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More About Arden, NC Web Design in Asheville

Let’s go into a little more detail and deep dive into each of these 2 things. Designing a website requires taking a brief plan and goal and the information that a client or company wants to be showcased on a website, and working out the best structure for it. Web designers design and predict a lot about the user’s journey through the site, and arrange all the information they gathered in a way that is meaningful to present the right content at the right time from the customers’ journey on the website. When converting traffic brought in from social media marketing, this plays a huge factor.

A big part of their main job is making all that information very easy to digest and take by the visitors.

Web Developers are responsible not only for making sure that the site functions properly and matches the design, but also that the code is written cleanly so it can load really quickly for the user and efficiently for the search engine. Web developers usually use tools to write code like a text editor, Brackets, or Sublime, these tools will help make their coding a little bit faster with guides and color on the screen that will help with visuals and notes.

Hopefully, with these two distinct jobs, you can distinguish the difference between web designers and web developers. Remember the designers are more of understanding the design principles and being creative to get the layout done that is unique to the client’s goal and beliefs, while the developer will make the website from this design. Developers use more tools and technology to get your website up and running on the internet.