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One more webdesign tip that will lead you to a beautiful and working website in Biltmore Forest

Biltmore Forest North Carolina is one of my favorite cities in the south. Every year I go on hiking adventures through Asheville North Carolina. Each time I go on trails, I never forget my hiking sticks. These sticks are amazing, they’re amazing because when I am hiking up a mountain I have two extra legs to get me there. Just like hiking sticks, I am here today helping you out with one more web design tip to help you make that standout website for your NC business. Here in Biltmore Forest, NC, web design is a thing for businesses where competition is fierce.

Without further ado, I am giving you the one tip that most don’t apply on their websites. An important step in creating and designing your website.

This step is something that I struggle with all the time, it’s not that I forget about it but it’s just that I don’t know sometimes it seems really hard to implement this tip.

And that is space or white space. Just adding a little bit of extra space around all of the elements that you put on your website. This goes, particularly for text. So now you want to have spaces around your headlines, white spaces around the body of your text, and in your paragraphs. And one of the newer trends in website design, and I think it’s really a good one, is when you are making a point in your text.

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This will make your paragraphs really short, which is good. I mean your paragraph or the spacing between lines and line breaks might just be one line or a line and a half. And then you are going to have white spaces between those lines.

This technique allows your viewers to relax their eyes when they are looking down your website through screens or mobile devices. This technique also makes it easy to quickly skim for the information that they are searching for in your site. So, adding extra white space around all of the elements on your website, not only around the text but around the images and the around graphics as well. If you want to check how your white spaces benefit your users, try looking at your design now, see where the spaces lead your eyes. This is a great practice.

And it’s one that I struggle a lot with, but it’s a practice that everyone should try to apply on their website, and in their website design.

Like hiking sticks when I go to the mountains to hike at Asheville North Carolina, this simple step of implementing white spaces throughout the content of your website is a lifesaver. As the hiking sticks helped my knees, this step of white space implementation will aid the eyes of your customers and visitors to your website to the things you want them to concentrate on, for example, the buy now button, the call now button, or featuring your product to pop out more.

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