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Best Practices for Web Design You Can Try Now In Canton, NC

In between mountains called Blue Ridge lies Asheville, NC. The city is filled with a mix art of music, street art, great beer, and wonderful mouth-watering food. Outdoor activities are the highlight all year round. If you’re a beer lover, then you’re going to love it here in Asheville. It has the most number of breweries per capita compared to anywhere else in America. The captivating French Broad River flows right through the middle of the town. This is just perfect for kayaking, white watering, or even tubing. The town also has one of America’s largest homes, George Vanderbilt’s “Biltmore Estate”.

20 minutes away from the town is Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s considered as one of America’s great scenic road trip destinations and of course a perfect place to go hiking with friends and family. Pisgah National Forest is also close and just an hour away from the main town. Waterfalls like the Looking Glass and Sliding Rock are the main attractions, that’s one heck of a natural rock waterslide that formed over millions of years.

Businesses around Asheville NC most notably Canton, NC are thriving so if you’re a business owner or are planning to start your business, the best way to go is to get yourself a cool looking website. Your website is your billboard across the internet. It is open to be viewed by almost everyone all over the world 24/7. But before you start your web designing adventure, I’m going to give you a few tips and some insights on what I feel about web design in general. Hopefully, these short quick tips will make your design decision sound and will help you a lot along the way.

Website design is understanding the visitor’s behaviors and psychology. If you have an audience target of everyone above 50 years old and beyond, they are very different from audiences that are the target of everyone below 25 years old.

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Avoid Using Sliders When Considering Canton, NC Web Design

It’s about being too decisive, and for me, that means not using or getting rid of sliders, in other website world terms, carousel, or the sliding photo real in the middle of your website. Too many experts and marketing geniuses around the web came to a conclusion and back the talk about why you shouldn’t use sliders.

Why sliders are bad for SEO and why they don’t give value or drive more interactions from your visitors on your website. When you think about it, it is just a space-filler, it takes away the main focus of your content down below, you could have just plastered 1 fruitful billboard than a bunch of sliding pictures with the only navigation crammed into a small clickable circles.

The real problem with sliders is that people don’t tend to sit around and hang around for your slider to move back again or cycle through once they missed something. What they tend to do is they are more proactive. Remember you’re on an “interactive” website, or so you thought. People will start scanning down your entire page and start looking for what it is that they are here for, information.

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