Where Do You Get Your Information?

Have you bought something off social media before, or learned about a business? We’re willing to bet that you have some form of social media because there are 4 billion people on Facebook alone. We leverage this fact to show the right people the right ads. If you don’t have one we love that too and can educate you about it all!

Because of how much data the social media platforms are able to collect about their users, we can target our ads amazingly accurate to get the best ROI. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars in ads and analyzed the results, and we have learned from these results and become experts in high converting ads and web designs for landing pages. When we are aiming to raise the revenue on a business this is a part of our package 90% of the time.

If you are consistently posting, commenting, and interacting with your customers on social media, running and testing ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram, may be the right step for you!

Social Media Is Where Your Prospects Get Their Info


Social Media Advertising

If it seems like the world revolves around social media, that’s because it does. Not only does it influence social lives, but it also affects personal interests, and even purchases. Instead of spending your time and money broadcasting to wide and cold audiences, social media allows you to narrow in on specific demographics and interest groups which allows for warmer traffic and higher conversion rates.

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of surveyed users said they watch online videos specifically to do research for business purchases.

This is up from 20% in 2012.

How much money do people pay Facebook for advertising?

Facebook posted $55 billion in advertising revenue in 2018, comprising 98.5% of the company's total revenue. People don't invest this type of money unless they are getting profitable results.

How much money does Google earn from Adwords every day?

Advertising made up 91% of Google’s revenue in 2016. With that revenue, Google could build 21 Taj Mahals and buy the Soloman Islands 21 times. Simply put, every day in 2016 Google earned over $58 million.

What can Owl Wise do for you?

We get high converting ads in front of the right people. We can make social media marketing campaigns deliver huge revenue increases, and get you new clients.

We’ve had success in many different markets and industries taking innovative angles to connect and influence target audiences to buy. You’ll be working with an experienced and professional advertising experts.

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We would like to be certain your advertising dollars are being invested in places where they’ll be successful.

We first determine the best social media platforms to target the warmest audiences with a strategy of creative marketing angles that coalesce with your goals.

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Social Media Marketing

Huge ROI With New-Gen Data

Market where your prospects frequent most


Reach The World OR Your Local Market & Sell Online

In 2019, US consumers spent $586.92 billion online, representing more than one in every 10 dollars of total retail spending.

Website Design

Our Portfolio & Offers

Beautiful designs that produce high converting results

Google Ad Words

Target Multiple Different Areas With PPC

Get in front of your prospects in multiple locations with high ROI campaigns

Search Engine Optimization

Amazing Results Targeting Hot Traffic

Get Found on Google

“If you’re not on Google, you don’t exist.”

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